Twilight – Breaking Dawn

November 18, 2011

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As many of you know, Twilight – Breaking Dawn, Part One, officially came out today. Theaters were packed at midnight for the hit movie, grossing over thirty million in ticket sales – more than any other Twilight flick so far. We think it’s because everyone was so excited to check out the stars fashion. But maybe, just maybe, it was to see Bella turn and her baby born. It could really be a number of things. Let’s celebrate the release by checking out the three young vampires wardrobes off set. Are they as impeccably dressed as the characters they play?

Ashley Greene and Stuart Weitzman Poco

Ashley Greene plays Alice, a spunky, fashion loving vamp with a passion for heels. She has a playful sense of style with a pixie-esque vibe. Ashley herself also favors an edgy look but we don’t think her and Alice’s wardrobe would match up. Though, Ashley looks stunning, Alice would likely opt for a brighter dress and stiletto heels instead of Ashley’s classy and practical lower heel, similar to the Stuart Weitzman Poco. The Stuart Weitzman pump is perfect for partying all night while avoiding sore feet.

Nikki Reed and Kate Spade Deb

Nikki plays Rosalie, a vampire with a classic, victorian sense of style. Her wardrobe is gorgeous, a mix of simple pieces with intricate details. She has an upscale fashion vibe, owing to her early days as an aristocrat. We doubt we’d see Rosalie in anything like Nikki’s funky polka dot ensemble. Her shoes however, similar to the Kate Spade Deb, could be a shared item. The versatile Kate Spade pump is both classic and modern.

Kristen Stewart and Converse All Star

Kristen plays Bella; human most of the series, she is a newly turned vampire. While alive, she was cute, clumsy and casual. We don’t yet know if her undead perfection will change her style sense much. Bella prefers jeans to dresses and sneakers to heels, much like Kristen. Here, she looks comfy in her sneakers, similar to the Converse All Star. Converse kicks perfectly match Bella’s casual vibe.

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