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October 23, 2012

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It seems we generally feel a little sad when summer comes to close.  Maybe it’s because, even with all the beauty autumn has to offer, we sense the inevitable arrival of Ol’ Man Winter, who hurls his wind, snow and frigid temps our way without even the slightest twinge of guilt.  As women however, even in the midst of our hatred of the cold, it seems as if we’re genetically coded to feel just a little happy when the temps start dropping – for we know, without the cold, there would be no boot season!  For those of us readying ourselves for ice and snow this winter, we’re forever grateful for cute boot options that allow us to easily tread through it all, without fear of falling in our stilettos.  These Ash Boots rise to the occasion!

Leather Strap Wedge Boot

Sarah Jessica Parker

Yes Wedge Boot

Sarah Jessica Parker looks fine in her traditional winter boots, but yawn.  We’ve seen this look over and over and over.  If you’re ready to revamp your traditional boots, our vote goes to these Ash Yes Wedge boots.  The leather straps and hidden wedge give this a stylish edge versus been-there-done-that.

Plum Lamb’s Fur Boots

Kirsten Dunst

Yahoo-Bis Ankle Boots

Kirsten Dunst shows us how to once again wear a very traditional looking winter boot.  How about mixing-it-up a little?  A plum hued lamb’s fur lined suede boot is easy to wear with neutrals, but also navy’s, olives, golds and more.  These Ash ankle boots are a sure-bet to mix into your winter wardrobe.

Moccasin Style Ankle Boots

Rachel Bilson

Squaw Ankle Boot

Summer may be a thing of the past, but it’s okay to still hold a fondness for your favorite summer styles.  Mocs are on trend but a little impractical if you’re walking around in the snow.  While Rachel Bilson models a boho look in her moccasin style ankle boots, it’s easy to be a little more sleek.  These Ash Squaw Ankle Boots are a must-have for winter complete with fringe and gunmetal studs.

While your traditional winter boots are certainly still on-point this winter, if you’re in the market for a new pair, it’s time to think outside the box.  Ash has great wedges to select from, each with the ability to compliment your sense of style.

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