Vampires are what is in! They’re hot, they’re bad, and these women love them. Whether it’s the sparkly kind of vampire movie, the show with the bad-boy, or the show with all the nudity.. the women are swooning in all of them!

Nina Dobrev, Kate Spade

Okay.. well maybe she doesn’t ride the waves, but now she could after winning her 3rd Teen Choice Award (given in the form of the surf board pictured above.) Nina Dobrev, a vampire lover on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries swooning over the bad-boy, won Best Actress in Fantasy/Sci-Fi this year. If you recognize her, but have never watched The Vampire Diaries, the 22 year old star also had a crucial show on Canada-based television show, Degrassi. She will also be in the upcoming film The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Here she is at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress, accompanied by a gorgeous pair of blue pumps. Check out these Kate Spade pumps, and even look at the selection of Kate Spade shoes on Jildor.

Kristen Stewart, Diane Von Furstenberg

Kristen Stewart swoons over the sparkly Edward in the popular film Twilight. She also starred in Panic Room, Speak, and The Runaways. She was nominated for Panic Room in 2002, for best performance in a feature film, leading young actress. Her first win came in 2008, and was followed by many more that night: for best female performance, best actress in a drama, best kiss, best fantasy actress, and more that the entire cast won. In 2011, pictured above, she won best female performance. Here she wears a pair of simple and casual black pumps. Take a look at the gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg’s black leather pumps.

Anna Paquin, Pour La Victoire

Well.. to me anyway! Did you know Anna Paquin, adorable star of the hit HBO serious True Blood (that is finishing it’s 4th season tomorrow night) also dates her on-star on/off again romance (Bill Compton), (Stephen Moyer) off screen? Paquin also had a cameo in Scream 4 earlier this year. True Blood is definitely the nudity category previously mentioned, as it is HBO after all. It has story line..drama..suspense..romance..and hey, a little sex. Above, Anna is at the Scream 4 premiere wearing a pair of silver pumps. Check out these Pour La Victoire Irina Platform Pumps.

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