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January 19, 2012

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Sometimes celebs get a little wild with their looks. They do what the average person would not. You don’t see secretary’s strolling around in foot high heels or spiked sneakers. They are outrageous like it’s their job, because in a way it is. They want people talking about them, it’s how they keep their paychecks high. Let’s say you like their style but don’t want to stand out on the street. Here are some wearable shoes, similar to celebs extravagant styles.

Nicki Minaj and Ash Bowie

If you’re looking for a sneaker inspired wedge try the Ash Bowie. These Ash heels are bold, bright and lace up like Nicki’s but you can easily pair them with denim for a day out. They add height like your standard stiletto but keep it casual and have a great grip. The shoes are fun and flashy without being too wild and they’re available in a vibrant orange and toned down clay as well.

Willow Smith and Ash Gin

Looking for an edgy new way to wear high tops? We loves Willow Smith’s not so basic sneaker look. She wears bright Converse shoes that double as pants. You don’t need to go so far for a unique shoe look though. Consider the Ash Gin wedge sneaker. You can see it’s basketball roots but the Ash shoes add buckles, zippers and of course a wedge which makes them stand out.

Lady Gaga and Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk

Want a super high cut out wedge that you won’t topple over in? Consider the Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk. These Gaga-esque wedges by Jeffrey Campbell are a little lower than Mother Monsters, with more heel support. They’re daring but not dangerous and they’re perfect for making a statement or a Lady Gaga costume!

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