What Would Spring & Summer Be Without Flip Flops?

April 13, 2010

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Flip flops aren’t just for the beach anymore. They’re great for casual events like shopping, grabbing a bite to eat at the local café and another out chill activity you can think of. They’re comfortable and you will find you can be on your feet for hours and never even give it a second thought. If you work in a very causal office environment, you might notice your co-workers sporting flip flops around the office. Open any magazine focusing on celebrities and you’ll see they wear them to the grocery, to pick up their kids and shopping and like us, they can’t seem to live without them either. Since 1998, flip flops have gained popularity and are a staple in many people’s wardrobes. Each country has a different name for flip flops–in New Zealand they call them jandals, in Italy there are infradito (meaning between the toes), slip-slops or slops in Africa and thongs in Australia and Canada. And the Japanese wear them with tabis, a traditional sock that has a slot for the thong and is solid or multi-colored–this trend seems to be catching on here in America, also.

Although some flip flops are made to be worn for a short time and then thrown away, this is definitely not the case with Tory Burch flip flops –these shoes are built to last and will more than likely be at the back of your closet for next Spring and Summer, after the Winter snow clears and the sun emerges. When you take your next fun in the sun vacation or head to a spa or resort, you’ll definitely want one if not multiple pairs. The Tory Burch Flip Flop comes in an array of colors including orange, black, pink, brown, red, white and navy and patterns or printed designs on the foot bed, including flowers and cherries. Go flat or for the 1 ¼ inch wedge heel. And, all Tory Burch flip flops have the signature gold double “T” logo on the thong.

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