How can a name impact your life? Are you more likely to be popular if your name is Stacey instead of Ethel? Does your name dictate your personality? Are Graces more graceful, are Hopes more hopeful? Do people reflect the meaning of their name? We really don’t know. Interesting studies have been done and it seems your name doesn’t impact your personality (unless of course, you get made fun of for it). We do know however, that these super popular celebs have some of 2011’s most popular names for women; popular names, popular stars – coincidence?

Emma Watson and Elizabeth & James Base

The “Harry Potter” star’s name ranks number two on top baby name lists. It has been a popular name for quite some time – people love it’s sweet, smart sound. Sweet and smart? Sounds like Emma to us! The name, meaning universal could account for Emma Watson’s universal appeal. Here she looks fantastic leaving her New York City hotel with an edgy studded bag and trench coat combo. She completes the look with some lace up boots, similar to the Elizabeth&James Base. These cute boots by Elizabeth&James feature a warm, fuzzy lining, perfect for colder weather.

Olivia Wilde and Steve Madden Partyy-R

Olivia comes in at number three on the baby names list. Of Latin origin, the name means olive tree. Olive branches are a symbol for peace and the name is nearly as elegant as Ms. Wilde herself. There are many famous Olivia’s out there, but it’s no surprise. The name has been popular for a long time and has ranked in the top ten for nearly 20 years. Olivia Wilde looks lovely here, brightening up a neutral dress with bold pink pumps similar to the Steve Madden Partyy-R. These aptly named Steve Madden pumps are perfect for a party with their bright color and bejeweled heel.

Sofia Vergara and Diane Von Furstenberg Salem

The glamorous Colombian actresses name ranks number four on the popular baby name’s list. The name means wise, and it’s fit for a queen (Queen Sofia of Spain, for example). A beautiful name, worthy of the actress, who looks lovely here in a little black dress and peep toe pumps similar to the Diane Von Furstenberg Salem. These classic Diane Von Furstenberg pumps are a wardrobe must have.

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