World Cup is all the rage–people just can’t get enough including the stars like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Erin Andrews and countless other celebs. It is far more action-packed than American football and the players are hot. These Euro guys make Beckham look ugly. Seriously. So, if you’re going to Africa to watch the game in person or down to the local watering hole, you need to be comfortable and look your best. Athletic events are very social and an excellent way to meet guys. Really. And it looks like for once we Americans can hold our heads high, as we keep advancing towards the finals with Britain.

Extreme high heels are definitely out–not good for climbing the stairs in the stands or a barstool. You need to look cute and comfortable. Marc by Marc Jacobs’s 605702 cork platform sandals in black leather are cute enough to show off your fresh pedicure and high enough to make you stand out in the crowd–and they’re so comfortable!

And the gold ones are pretty sassy, too.

Caligarius’ Iberia in black/gold is uber sophisticated and goes well with a short skirt or cropped jeans. They’re snakeskin and only about four inches–a little height and a lot of cute.

Of course, you can rock some flip flops and as long as you wear them stylishly, anything can go. Diane Von Furstenberg’s little black rubber has a knot and stone detailing. These also work with the short jean skirt, short shorts and cropped jeans with a tank top or cute tee.

And lastly, make sure to brush up on the rules of the game, so when that cute guy comes to chat you up, you’re prepared…

Photos courtesy of Yahoo’s OMG.

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